Lovers of science, color, and pretty, shiny things in general will also love this beautiful “Spectrum Cube” necklace!

If you can recall your high school science classes, you may remember learning about the physics of light, and how rainbows are made by dispersion. If you’re a classic rock fan, you may recognize this separation of white light into a colorful rainbow depicted on Pink Floyd’s album Dark Side of the Moon.

▼ This isn’t just a clever album design, this is science!

Dark_Side_of_the_MoonImage: Wikipedia

The science behind dispersion is what gives this cube necklace its gorgeous range of colors. When light is shone through the cube from straight on, it emits red, blue, and green light.


When shone through at an angle, the light breaks up into an array of colors, from the original red, blue, and green, to yellow, cyan, magenta, and all the colors in between, the resulting colorful beams of light similar to a stained glass window.



Since @Hakusi_Kasei posted photos of her creation on her Twitter, the post has been retweeted more than 15,000 times, and liked over 20,000 times. Many commentors have expressed interest in purchasing this unique bit of jewelry, and while Hakusei_Kasei has a homepage showing off some of her other stunning handmade works, it appears she only sells her goods in person at special events, the last of which was in March. She also occasionally does giveaways for her followers on Twitter, so if you’d like to have a chance to own one of her one-of-a-kind pieces, be sure to follow!

Source and images: Twitter/ @Hakusi_Katei