digimon 2

Hopefully, the second installment TRIes a little harder in the story department.

Six years after the original DigiDestined were transported to the Digi World to begin an incredible adventure with their faithful Digimon friends, they found their way back to that wonderful world. Fans were excited to find out that the new series would come in the form of six “chapters” or movies as it meant bigger production value and more time with our favorite characters. On November 21, Digimon Adventure tri. – Reunion was released in cinemas across Japan, and in only three short weeks they’ve announced that the second movie, Digimon Adventure tri. – Determination/Resolve will come out on March 12, 2016.

Fans of the first generation of DigiDestined will be happy to see another pair of them grace the promotional poster. While the first one featured Tai and Matt, this second poster highlights Mimi Tachikawa and Jou “Joe” Kido with their extremely cool-looking Mega Evolved Digimon.

Optimism still runs high for the second movie as the first movie gave fans exactly what they wanted, more of the feelings from the original show, however it was criticized for its lack of story. There are still five other movies left to create a fantastic addition to the Digimon legacy, but fans were probably hoping that each movie would be able to stand on its own as a strong individual product.

As we all await for the second installment to arrive in March 2016, we can re-enjoy Digimon Adventure tri. – Reunion as it will be released on Blu-ray and DVD on December 18, 2015 in Japan.

Source & featured image: Twitter/@Digi_advntr15th