Former Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr had a whirlwind afternoon in Tokyo yesterday, stopping by the Swarovski store in Ginza and leaving her mark outside the Sony Building.

Japan absolutely loves Australian model Miranda Kerr. With her gorgeous dimple-cheeked smile on massive billboards around Tokyo, the 32-year-old advertises everything from bags to lingerie, shoes and jewellery, and her Japanese fans just can’t get enough of her. We met up with her on her latest trip to the nation’s capital to find out about her new jewellery line and what she’ll be doing this Christmas.

▼ When Miranda steps out to meet the press at the Swarovski store in Ginza, she’s surrounded by dazzling jewellery, but she still lights up the room.


The 1.75-metre (5′ 7″) model looked stunning in a nude mini dress with a jewel-encrusted bustline that helped to show off her glittering jewellery.


Miranda is in Tokyo to promote her new jewellery collection, a collaboration with Swarovski that includes the “Duo” line of delicate pieces and the crystal-heavy “Diapason” line.



The beautiful piece around her neck is the Diapason All-around V-necklace, which is one of the most coveted designs in the collection.


Speaking through an interpreter to the Japanese press, Miranda talked about how much she loved Japan, saying it was one of her favourite countries and how she always feels so welcome when she comes here.


She also talked about her impression of Tokyo now that it’s winter, saying how much she loved seeing all the Christmas decorations around town and that she enjoyed watching the light show at Roppongi the previous evening.


When asked about her plans for Christmas this year, she said she’s looking forward to spending it in Australia with her family, which includes her brother, parents, grandparents and four-year-old son, Flynn, whose father is Miranda’s ex-husband, famous British actor Orlando Bloom.

There’ll be around 30 of them together on Christmas day for Christmas lunch and while it’s a special time of year for her, one of the things she’s most looking forward to is watching her grandmother play with her son, which she says is priceless.


And when it comes to jewellery, Miranda happily shared one of her style tips; that it’s nice to mix metals like gold and silver. It’s something that’s considered good luck in her family, a tradition that started with her grandmother, who she calls one of her most favourite people in the world.

When asked about her plans for 2016, Miranda says she’ll be producing more symbolic little pieces with Swarovski, and she’ll also be working to expand her organic skin care and body care line, Kora Organics, worldwide.


Miranda was then joined onstage by Managing Director Swarovski Japan Vincent Nelias (left) and Senior Vice President, Swarovski, Asia Pacific Francis Belin (right).




▼ That’s right, gentlemen, look away—Miranda’s sharing a moment with us!


As Miranda posed for the cameras, we could see why this girl has legions of fans worldwide. With her pretty smile and sultry looks, she certainly knows how to strike a pose!





After posing dutifully for the press, Miranda clasped her hands together in thanks before leaving the room.


After the press conference was over, Miranda donned a long tan coat and took a photo of one of the displays with her cellphone, which she shared with her followers on Instagram.


The photo she took shows the Duo range. It includes delicate earrings, bracelets and necklaces with pendants that feature hearts, stars, snowflakes, wings, an evil eye and four-leaf clover designs.

Then it was off to the Sony Building to light up the Swarovski Christmas tree in front of her fans.




Miranda was clearly excited to see her Japanese fans, who were squealing her name on the street outside. After a quick wave, the outdoor ceremony began with the Swarovski executives by her side.


By pressing the oversized crystal on a stand by her side, Miranda lit up the special Swarovski tree, which featured her pendant designs inside.


Despite the chilly weather and light rain, Miranda took the coat from her shoulders and showed off her second dazzling outfit for the day, a gorgeous Osman marble-jacquard strapless gown by London-based designer Osman Yousefzada.



Covering herself with her coat, Miranda took a moment to say “konnichi wa” to the crowd. She also threw in a casual “Genki desu ka?” (“How are you?“), which delighted fans.



And then it was time for Miranda to leave a Christmas message for Tokyo, complete with her signature.


Miranda left the stage, lit up by the excitement of onlookers who were waving to catch her attention.


And then she was gone. Don’t worry, Tokyo—she’s looking forward to coming back and we can’t wait to see her again soon!



Check out our footage of Miranda’s whirlwind visit to Tokyo here:

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