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Developers assert that they were motivated by philanthropic sentiments to help roughly four out of every five women in the world.

The official website for smartphone app ChiChi claims that more than 80 percent of the women in the world wear bras that aren’t the right size for their bust. However, the team behind ChiChi (which takes its name from chichi, which in turn, of course, is one of the many Japanese words for “boobs”) understands that it can be hard to measure your own cup size, and that not everyone has the time for a professional fitting by a qualified lingerie salesperson.

Filled with the desire to find a technological solution to this dilemma that so many women have been suffering from, ChiChi’s developers decided to create a smartphone app that can measure a woman’s cup size when she places the phone between her breasts.

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▼ You can probably get the gist just from the diagram, but the text translates as “Place your smartphone,” “between your breasts,” “and you’ll find out your cup size!”

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The website is vague on the specifics of exactly how ChiChi works, but we’re guessing it utilizes the smartphone’s camera and/or some form of boob magic. However, the app still needs a bit of fine tuning, which is why the developers are currently recruiting women willing to test it. Interested volunteer can fill out the form here, which asks for name, email address, cup size, and a message of enthusiasm.

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It’s a little suspicious that testers are asked to give their cup size upfront, when figuring out that information is supposed to be the app’s job. It’s also confusing why the website’s sample volunteer form shows the message “I think I have nice breasts!” when ChiChi is supposed to be all about measuring mammary quantity, not quality.

Muddied motivations aside, the developers do seem to be committed to making “the app that everyone has dreamed of” a reality in time for a January release, thus bringing about “The age of sandwiching your smartphone between your breasts.”

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Source: Spotlight via Hachima Kiko
Images: ChiChi official website