Men of the world, have you been prioritizing World Cup matches over your wives and girlfriends recently?

Earlier this month in China, a group of women got together and took off their “soccer balls” in order to cheer up their fellow female counterparts who have been neglected by their husbands and boyfriends. We have no idea if that makes any sense, but here’s how it looks!

According to ETToday, whenever the World Cup is on, divorce rates across the globe increase by 5 percent. Apparently, couples quarrel more often during the World Cup season because the men tend to pay more attention to the soccer games than their wives or girlfriends. Because of that, some women in China have renamed the World Cup (世界盃) as World Sadness (世界悲;the words 盃 and 悲 have the same pronunciation).

Some twenty or so women gathered at a public plaza in Xiangyang, Hubei Province, on the 10th of June with their propaganda of “不要世界悲(盃),生悶氣不如透氣”, which calls out to women who feel neglected due to the sporting event, telling them to “say no to World Sadness (Cup), come out for a breather instead of sulking inside”. The young ladies dressed in soccer jersey-inspired outfits then took off their bras for a “breather”, tossing the undergarments with soccer ball prints on them into the air.


The controversial campaign confused many, leading some netizens to wonder if the whole point of removing their bras was to encourage women to get some fresh air, while others thought they were simply taking the chance to air their bosoms. A middle-aged woman who happened to witness the event could only sigh and shake her head, commenting that “youngsters these days are becoming bolder in their ways, I can’t understand what they’re trying to do.”


The organizer of the campaign said that they were inspired to do this event as a way to express their unhappiness towards the attitudes of men who chuck their girls aside once the World Cup fever is on, adding that “the World Cup for men is the World Sadness for women.” She hopes that by holding up campaign posters and taking off their “cups”, more women would be encouraged to free themselves from their sulking days and have a breather.


As far as we know, the FIFA World Cup officially started on the 12th, but these ladies jumped the gun and started taking “breathers” two days ahead of the sporting event. It’s little wonder why netizens are doubting the motives of their campaign. Besides, there are women out there who enjoy soccer matches just as much.

On the brighter side, it’s probably the best time to go shopping with your girlfriends since your husbands/boyfriends would be too engrossed with the World Cup to check your credit card bills. What are your thoughts on this unusual campaign? Share your views in the comments section below!

Source: ETToday
Images: cnhubei