Since last year, chubbiness has become more accepted in Japan. Chubby girls (that’s chubby by Japanese standards) are now called ‘marshmallow girls‘ and they’ve become so popular that there’s now an entire idol group dedicated to them, and even a fashion magazine for girls of various sizes. I think we can all agree that Japan definitely still has some body image issues, but nevertheless, the marshmallow fad continues!

The latest addition to this marshmallow boom is a series of bras designed for marshmallow girls. They are called “Pochakawabra”, which is a portmanteau of pocha (chubby), kawaii (cute), and of course the object itself, bra. I’m not sure if I appreciate the name, but the designs sure are cute!

One thing marshmallow girls can usually boast that stick-thin tiny, almost 2-D girls do not have is a large bust. The “Pochakawabra” series cater towards these better-endowed women with bras that go in the cup size range of C~F, and panties sized 85~100cm (33.5~39.4 inches). Despite the larger size, the lingerie pieces retain cute and delicate designs.




They also come with a stretchy region near the underarms to “tuck in” those extra curves so you can enjoy a slightly slimmer…region under the underarms. It claims to be a cute and highly functional bra. The brassiere sure look adorable although I am not sure if I’d be down for wearing anything called “Chubby Cute Bra” anytime soon.

Images: PR TIMES
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