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Amidst talks that strengthened the ties between the two countries comes news that you will soon be able to ride a Shinkansen in India.

Japan is without a doubt the number-one train country in the world. Even though China overtook Japan in 2011 for largest number of passengers, there has to be more train “otaku” in Japan than anywhere else in the world. Train watchers will travel far and wide throughout the nation to ride on or just catch a glimpse of a brand new train.

But in the near future, rail fans from Japan will have to plan a trip to India in order to ride on one of the newest Japanese bullet trains in the world.

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The new train line was part of a number of deals inked in talks between the two countries held recently in Dehli. Expected to cost US$14.7 billion, the high-speed railway will connect Mumbai with Ahmedabad and shorten the current trip of about eight hours down to a meager two.

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Other deals agreed upon by Prime Ministers Shinzo Abe and Narendra Modi include defense technology and the peaceful use of nuclear technology. Both countries came out of the talks hoping that the increased cooperation will bolster their strength in the region.

World politics aside, the best news for railroad enthusiasts is this new bullet train. But what will it be called? How fast will it go? How many stops will it make? There is no other information yet, but train buffs will be scrambling to find out the details as soon as they are made available.

Source: BBC News
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