The most kawaii KitKats in Japan!

We’ve seen a lot of unusual Japanese KitKats in our time, but it’s not every day we get to see a tie-up collaboration featuring Sanrio characters.

So the news that Nestlé will be teaming up with Sanrio for a limited edition range has fans excited, and judging by the number of characters coming our way, it really is a dream collaboration.

The new KitKats will be released on 1 April, to coincide with the start of a new fiscal year in Japan, when people around the country will be entering new schools, jobs, and sometimes even new homes. The cute characters, and the comforting strawberry milk flavour of the chocolates, are designed to bring a spot of cheer to people during this stressful period of change, and there are a total of 28 individual packages to collect, across eight different types of outer packages.

In addition to Minna no Tabo, Badtz-Maru, Hello Kitty and Mimmy (pictured above), we have:

Usahana, Pekkle, Pochacco, Kuromi

▼…My Melody, Kirimichan, Cinnamoroll, Wish me mell

▼…Little Twin Stars, Pompompurin

▼ …Pompompurin (again), with Cogimyun, Corocorokuririn, and Marron Cream

▼…My Melody (again), with Hello Kitty (again) and My Sweet Piano

▼…Pochacco (again), Cinnamoroll (again), Kerokerokeroppi

▼…Kuromi (again), Hangyodon, and Tuxedo Sam.

The packages show us all the character designs available on the individual wrappers, and by accessing the official site with a QR code, they’ll come to life in AR so you can share them with friends.

The characters inside each 10-piece pack are left up to chance, so you never know who you might meet. They’ll all put a smile on your face, though, as each one comes with a message to lift your spirits.

▼ Some of the messages include: “I love you”, “I’m rooting for you!”, “I’m sure it’ll be okay”, and “I smile when I’m with you”.

▼ Other heartwarming messages include: “”I’ll cheer you up”, “It’s okay — I’m with you!”, “I’m sure a wonderful encounter is waiting for you”…

▼…and “Let’s take a break together”, “Let’s play”, and “Let’s go for a stroll”.

▼ There’s also a secret, undisclosed character design (right, below) waiting to be found by some lucky customers.

The new Sanrio KitKats will only be available for a limited time while stocks last, so keep an eye out for them at stores and supermarkets around Japan from 1 April, where they’ll retail for 685 yen (US$4.52).

Source, images: PR Times
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