After a drone-related incident at the prime minister’s office this past April, Tokyo police are now ready to take on any other high-flying threats to the nation’s security with their new drone squad.

For most people, drones are a great new way to record video from new heights. But, as with all cool things, there are of course those few who have to ruin the fun for everyone else and misuse them. Like the man who was arrested back in April in connection to a drone containing a small amount of radioactive material that landed atop the Japanese prime minister’s office.

This week, regulations on drones came into effect after an amendment to Japan’s Aviation Act. Tokyo, Osaka, and other cities around the country have already banned their use from parks, and flying drones over places such as airports and power plants anywhere in the country is a big no-no as well.

But how does Japan plan to enforce these restrictions? With their newly implemented drone squad, and drone-fighting drone! The squad will patrol important buildings, such as the aforementioned prime minister’s office, and the squad’s drone—which is equipped with a net rather than having a shotgun or laser rifle bolted to its belly—will be used to snag and tangle any offending drone to disable it on the spot. JIJIPRESS has released a video of the drone-fighter in action:

If you happen to be the happy new owner of a drone, be sure you know the rules and regulations for drone use in your area. You don’t want to have a run in with Drone Squad: Tokyo Police Force! (Seriously, someone needs to make this into an action film!)

Source: BBC News, YouTube/時事通信社/JIJIPRESS
Top image: YouTube/時事通信社/JIJIPRESS