Kyoto temple goes modern with Techno Memorial combining music and lights with Buddhist Festival

And you probably thought Buddhism was a boring religion, didn’t you?

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Japanese companies want to monitor employees working overtime using in-office flying drones

Developers say it’s a great way to improve employee health.

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Burgeoning art of aerial ramen photography making a splash, rarely literally

A new trend is treating us to vistas of soup rarely seen by humans, whether we like it or not.

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Onsen town’s 4K video has visitors lining up around the virtual block【Video】

Nothing sells the relaxing, hot water of Kusatsu like thousands of pixels.

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Japanese couple capture their 400-day honeymoon around the world with spectacular drone footage

This beautiful video is so uplifting it will bring tears to your eyes.

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Japan’s first drone high school course to begin next year, teaches piloting, law, and more

Vantan High School tries to get ahead of the increasing use of drones and robotics in industry and may have become the coolest high school in Japan as a result.

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Awesome “Poké-drone” video shows how to catch the monsters in Pokémon Go from the air【Video】

As if flying a drone around isn’t cool enough, imagine flying a drone that helps you catch the Pokémon in Pokémon GO that you couldn’t otherwise reach.

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Japan’s better farming through precision drone strikes

A team in Saga prefecture has successfully developed Agridrone, which will seek out and terminate pests with extreme prejudice.

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Watch over 20 drones dance in unison with a trio of shamisen players in front of Fuji【Video】

Synchronized blinking drones, Mt. Fuji, and tsugaru-jamisen make for one of the most gorgeous videos we’ve ever seen!

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Stunning video, “In Japan”, captures breathtaking moments from around the country【Video】

High quality cinematography and stunning drone shots combine for some beautiful artistry.

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Chiba City to become Amazon drone delivery test zone

Japanese government designates Chiba as a special “deregulated zone,” at least partially so the city can move forward with test flights for drone-based delivery services alongside retail giant Amazon.

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Tokyo police prepare to launch squad of crime-fighting, net-equipped drones【Video】

After a drone-related incident at the prime minister’s office this past April, Tokyo police are now ready to take on any other high-flying threats to the nation’s security with their new drone squad.

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Volcanoes, castles and more: 10 of Japan’s best drone-shot videos to give you wanderlust【Video】

Drones have sort of exploded in our cultural conscious over the last few years, garnering both media and political attention. Like many other countries, the skies of Japan seem to be full of the whirring, buzzing devices, and while the government and society are still trying to figure out exactly how they feel about these all-seeing sky robots, YouTube is quickly filling up with gorgeous videos shot with drones!

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Drones capture shocking footage of flooding in Ibaraki, Japan【Video】

When disaster zones are inaccessible by ground—such as the areas of Japan hit by widespread and deadly flooding last week—news broadcasters typically take to the air, relaying footage from helicopters. In the city of Joso, Ibaraki, news helicopters captured dramatic footage of rescue teams winching people to safety from rooftops on Thursday after the Kinugawa River burst its banks.

But helicopters can only get so close, and so authorities in Japan are now using drones to capture footage in disaster areas. The drones can fly closer to disaster-hit areas than a manned helicopter, offering a different and dramatic perspective.

And drones are not only being used to survey these areas hit by flooding and landslides; they are also starting to be used in rescue missions.

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Kirin promotes new alcohol by filming rural people with pigeon-shaped drones… because they can

Japanese brewery Kirin unveiled a new campaign for their Off White brand of imitation beer products known as happoshu. To help promote their cheaper beer substitute, Kirin will be dispatching six drones painted like pigeons to fly around and record the people of Taketa City in Oita Prefecture.

We can’t promise you we’ll succeed but we’re sure as heck going to try and find a link between drones, a rural community, and an alcoholic beverage produced to take advantage of a tax loophole.

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China may use drones to kill the smog problem

China has for some time now struggled with smog, and now Chinese premier Li Keqiang has “declared war” against pollution.

Policymakers want to lower emissions of “PM10 and PM2.5, particulate matters in air smaller than 10 and 2.5 micrometers respectively, which are believed to be hazardous to health and major contributors to smog,” according to Xinhua.

Coal-fired furnaces will be shut down and high-emission vehicles will be taken off the road.

While Chinese policymakers try to cut down on pollution, Ma Yongsheng, CEO of Aviation Industry Corporation of China is testing a parafoil smog-clearing drone, according to Darren Wee at South China Morning Post.

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