Spend a luxury evening with up to three other people with this Finnish-Japanese sauna!

If you have an anniversary coming up, or someone you love is having a birthday soon, then we have the scoop on a fabulous way to celebrate! In the east Tokyo neighborhood of Kinshicho, a brand new, private rooftop sauna is opening up, where you can rent out the whole space for an evening, just for you and your friends or loved ones. With amenities like a personal sushi chef on hand to serve you, it promises to be the V.I.P. experience of a lifetime.

The new rooftop sauna is called “The Kinshicho” and will be opening on March 6 on the roof of the Capsule Inn Kinshicho. It features a mix of Japanese and Finnish styles, including a Finnish sauna room, complete with sauna rocks and a stove imported directly from Finland.

The sauna rocks are warmed by the stove and keep the room warm. By pouring hot water on them and creating steam, you can increase the temperature in the room and make it just how you like it.

Outside of the sauna room are two Japanese-style baths that are directly heated, known as goemon-buro, plus a sunken kotatsu, lounge area, and counter.

The goemon-buro are custom-made and huge, with plenty of room to soak. You can not only adjust the temperature of the water in these baths, but also the lighting around them to suit your mood.

Kinshicho is also near the Tokyo Sky Tree, so you can gaze upon its glittering lights from either the sauna or the bath. What a view!

And if that isn’t enough to make it a special night, you will also be supplied with a personal sushi chef, who will make sushi to order just for you and your party! Alternating between soaking in the bath, steaming in the sauna, and snacking on sushi is like a dream come true. No doubt you’ll feel like a celebrity at the end of your experience.

You can invite up to four people to join you on this rooftop sauna experience, or just bring one special someone. You can rent the sauna from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. daily by prior reservation. The price is 25,000 yen (US$235.48) per person, but that includes rental of bathing suits, towels, and bathrobes, use of the hotel’s regular sauna and hot stone sauna as well as the rooftop sauna, free bottled water, Oronamin C and Pocari Sweat drinks, and even whatever sushi you order. It sounds like a great way to celebrate a special day, or even just to escape from the stress of daily life!

If you want to splurge even more, you can also stay the night at Kinshicho’s Lotte City Hotel afterwards, which offers a free buffet of sweets and ice cream with your stay. If you’d rather have a Finnish spa experience that’s a little more affordable but still exclusive, you can also check out Tokyo’s first Finnish-style sauna facility with private rooms. It’s not in Kinshicho, but it still lets you have a nice relaxing, restorative time with the people you love!

Sauna information 
The Kinshicho / The錦糸町
Address: Tokyo-to Sumida-ku Kinshicho 2-6-3 Dai-ichi Aragi Building, inside Capsule Inn Kinshicho
Reservation of the Spa is from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. daily (last order of sushi is 9:30)
Call 080-4402-6512 for reservations (phone lines open from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m.)
*Hours and services are subject to change depending on the state of the pandemic

Source, images: PR Times
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