Need some new figures for your desk? Then check out these Buddhist statue figures from Kaiyodo!


The makers of capsule toys (or “gachapon“) in Japan often seem to be on a never-ending quest to produce the most bizarre toys possible. From theater seats to the older ladies of Osaka, it’s almost impossible to guess what the next round of capsule toys will be. This month, it seems manufacturer Kaiyodo had decided to get pious and will be releasing figures of Buddhist statues! You’ll be able to get three versions of ashura statues and two versions of both fujin and raijin, deities of wind and lightning, respectively.

▼ One of the ashura figures


Among the lowest ranked of the Buddhist deities, ashura are higher up the spiritual ladder than humans but below most other deities. They also have four to six arms and three faces, so we’re betting they’d be awesome as Mortal Kombat bosses…



The ashura figures come in three types: Wood, bronze, and “full color.” Obviously, the figures aren’t actually made of these materials or we imagine they’d cost a fair bit more than their current price of 400 yen (about US$3.30)!


The fujin, or wind deity, figures and raijin, or lightning deities, come in two varieties, bronze and “ivory.” Again, these figures aren’t actually made of bronze or ivory, but they certainly will look great wherever you decide to place them!

▼ One of the fujin figures with a bag of wind



The figures actually small enough to literally fit in the palm of your hand, as you’d expect of a capsule toy. This makes them excellent as extra souvenirs to bring home for anyone you might have forgotten!


The seven figures are available from gachapon machines at Village Vanguard and Tokyu Hands. If you’re not much of a gambler, you can also order a six-piece set from Amazon Japan for 3,900 yen (about US$32), though it won’t include the “full color” ashura figure.


Now, head to your nearest gachapon machine and extinguish your desire by acquiring the figures you want most!

Sources: Japaaan, Kaiyodo
Images: Kaiyodo