Get a set before your fellow art enthusiasts scoop them all up!

In the world of capsule toy figure artisans, there are few bigger names that Kunio Sato. I’m sure he needs no introduction, but just to be safe, he is the illustrator known for making subtly anthropomorphized animals such as cats and hippos.

▼ He also has a YouTube channel showing how his works are made

Although Sato is a successful illustrator in his own right, he caught the capsule toy world by storm in 2019 with his line of Bathroom in Groups figures featuring critters such as a panda, rabbit, hippo, penguin, frog, and red panda using urinals.

Its perfect blend of the real and surreal captivated capsule toy aficionados and they flew out of machines across Japan. It was followed up in 2020 by the Shofuku Neko 3 line of his classic take on Japanese maneki neko statues.

Although not quite the breakout success as Bathroom in Groups, they were successful despite the effect COVID-19 had on the capsule toy market as a whole.

But for 2021, Sato and figure maker Kaiyodo are playing it safe and returning the winning formula of animals and plumbing with the all-new Bathroom Break line of figures. This set includes a hippo, lion, chameleon, and rabbit all sitting on toilet bowls.

Much like the Bathroom in Groups sets, each figure can be aligned with each other to create an entire public restroom diorama. However, they all certainly work on their own as well, with each capturing the range of human emotions that occur on the commode.

There’s: the dainty hippo that represents both the id and ego;

the pensive lion, hoping a cool draft on his crotch will ease his tormented mind;

the timid rabbit, constantly on guard for manic to burst through the stall door;

and finally the adventurous chameleon who embodies all of our innate desires to use the toilet while standing on the edge of the seat.

The entire human existence has been summed up in this exquisite set of three-to-five-centimeter (one-to-two-inch) figures for 400 yen (US$4) each. They will hit the machines in March of 2021, but for those who want to avoid the frenzy of their release, Kaiyodo has pre-orders set up now on their website.

It’s an offer that any serious art collector would be crazy to pass up. In fact, I heard from a source that Yusaku Maezawaa has expressed interest. It isn’t a reliable source mind you, but I’ll take what I can get.

Source: Kaiyodo, Kunio Town
Images: Kaiyodo (1, 2, 3)
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