It is a well-known stereotype in Japan that Osaka oba-chans, or Osaka ladies of a certain mature age, are strong-willed, sassy, love loud clothing, and aren’t afraid to speak their mind. And with cup clingers being all the rage recently, who better to sit on your cup and chastise you then a set of the legendary Osaka oba-chans?

Will you get a mouthy, big-haired cougar-type? Or perhaps you prefer the UV-hating full-body track suit oba-chan? Read on to see all the oba-chans that await you!

Whether you love them for their bold fashion and no-nonsense attitude, or hate them because they can be pushy and obnoxious, Osaka oba-chans are here to stay, especially now that they have been immortalized in these hilarious cup-clinging forms.

Before you try your luck trying to get one from a gachapon toy vending machine in Japan, check out the full lineup of these over-the-hill cup ornaments.

▼ Leopard-print loving Osaka Cougar, just as wild as in her native habitat.


▼ Trouble-making Osaka Mama wants to make sure you’re getting all your daily vitamins.


▼ The Osaka Monster Parent: she’s all business, and she wants to speak to your teacher right now!


▼ A classic example of the UV-resistant Osaka oba-chan, complete with enormous sun visor/welding helmet.


▼ The “I’d like to see you try to break into my house at 3 a.m.” oba-chan. Like we said, Osaka oba-chans don’t mess around!


▼ Fashionable Dog-Walking Oba-chan, scaling your glass like an elegant mountain sherpa and her loyal mule.


▼ The full lineup of Osaka oba-chans, for maximum Osaka impact!


Before seeing these beauties in all of their glory, we had no idea that these overbearing ladies were the special something missing from our lives. But now we can’t imagine having a drink without them making sure that we’re getting our daily dose of calcium and attitude.

At the price of 400 yen (US$3.25) a pop from gachapon machines all over Japan starting September 29, they’re great value too! And what true Osaka oba-chan doesn’t love a good bargain?

Source: Kitan Club via NetLab
Images: Kitan Club

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