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Episode 2 of our new video series, Ask Mr. Sato, is here! Join us after the jump to hear the advice of RocketNews24’s very own agony uncle!

This week, RocketNews24’s sagely reporter Mr. Sato shares his wisdom on the subjects of dating, the zombie apocalypse (well, sort of!), his favourite music, and whether Tokyo or Osaka is the better city.

Sit up straight now, boys and girls, class is about to start!

Have a question for the man in the chair? Mail him, in English or Japanese, at: 

Be sure to use the subject line “Ask Mr. Sato” and include your first name, age (if you’re willing to share!) and the country you live in.

The best questions will be put to the honourable Mr. Sato and be answered—in some form or other—in our next video! See you next time!


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