A “Jack Coke” with no mixing required.

In Japanese, certain words, phrases, and item names from foreign languages get shrunken down a bit. For example, Tennessee whiskey brand Jack Daniel’s is called “Jack Daniel,” and the cocktail “Jack and Coke” is just “Jack Coke.”

The abbreviations make the words easier for native Japanese-speakers to say, but it also makes the drinks quicker to order. Coming soon, though, is an even quicker way for fans to get their “Jack Coke” fix, as Coca-Cola Japan will start selling pre-made Jack and Coke canned cocktails.

Going on sale next month in Japan is the Jack Daniel’s & Coca-Cola, which restores the “and” and uses both marque ingredients’ full names. While the Coca-Cola Company has sold canned cocktails in Japan before, with its “Demon Lemon” shochu sours and Nomeji’s hard lemonade, this is the company’s first time to be offering an alcoholic beverage that uses Coca-Cola cola, and also to feature the brand’s name so prominently on its packaging..

▼ Standing boldly in front of the kanji characters for “birth” (誕生), the Jack Daniel’s & Coca-Cola asserts that it’s not only born, but that it was “born ready,” and promises “the perfect flavor, born of the meeting between these two.”

The Jack Daniel’s & Coca-Cola is a 7-percent-alcohol cocktail, in line with the stronger strata of canned chu-hi sours sold at Japanese convenience stores and supermarkets. It goes on sale April 10, priced at 210 yen (US$1.55).

Source, images: PR Times
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