camo Sato elevator

It came as an enormous shock to the entire team to hear that the legend that is Mr. Sato rarely visited Starbucks coffee houses.

Surrounded by the well-dressed, coffee sipping elite and with fancy lingo like “tall” and “grande” being thrown around, our reporter felt completely out of his depth at Starbucks and rarely dared to set foot inside even to grab a quick take-out coffee.

But after playing a lot of Black Ops 2 on the new office Wii U, a brilliant idea came to us…

What if there were a way for our Mr. Sato to slip through the streets of Shinjuku and infiltrate the trendy venue without being noticed? What if we could completely hide his uncool clothing and now world-famous grin, removing any element of danger or stress from his expedition?

Enter Covert Ops’ Sergeant Sato!

With this little get-up he’ll be in, ordered and out before anyone has even sensed his presence. Like Jean Reno in the movie Leon, like a silent but deadly fart, like… a shy reporter in a camouflage ghillie suit!

Come on, admit it; these things work pretty well! Thanks to his special ops threads, Mr. Sato’s mission went off without a hitch. Was he ever really there?

▼Passersby don’t even flinch! That said, there are plenty of weirdos in Shinjuku to pretend not to see…

camo sato streets 2

▼Without the blue circle would you really have noticed him?

camo sato streets

▼Good ol’ Tokyo police; don’t even bother asking why…

camo sato police

▼ “I made a caramel macchiato for a walking Christmas tree today…”

camo sato starbucks

▼Mission Accomplished!

camo sato GET

Sitting outside Starbucks with his hot beverage, our man Mr. Sato took a breather, safe in the knowledge that no amount of snipers could ever interrupt this coffee break.

Well done, sir. Well done indeed!

Photos / video: RocketNews24
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