How well do you know Japanese travel destinations? Test your knowledge and see how many of these locations around Japan you can identify from photos alone!

A recent posting on the popular Japanese message board site 2Chan challenged commenters to guess where a set of photos had been taken. Each photo was of a different Japanese travel destination, some of them quite famous and others a bit more obscure. Amazingly, even without much detail, the commenters were able to guess where each and every photo was taken!

Even if you have no idea where some of these photos were shot, you’ll still definitely enjoy seeing a bit of the variety Japan has within its borders. We’ve hidden the answers below each photo, but you can easily reveal them by highlighting the black boxes. Let us know how many you get right in the comments!

Cape Soya, located on the northern most point of Hokkaido

Fushimi Inari-taisha, the famous Shinto shrine in Kyoto

Ryugu Jinja, a Shinto shrine in Kagoshima

Goryokaku, a star-shaped fort in Hakodate, Hokkaido

Todaiji Temple, home of the Nara Daibutsu, the enormous Buddhist statue in Nara City

Takachiho Gorge in Miyazaki Prefecture

Cape Kamui in Hokkaido Prefecture

Gunkanjima (better known as Battleship Island) off the coast of Nagasaki

A viewing spot on the cape of Kozakihana, the most western point of Japan’s four main islands

Tsunoshima Bridge, which connects mainland Yamaguchi Prefecture with Tsuno Island and its national park

Katsura Beach in Kouchi Prefecture

Cape Tappi, the northernmost point on the Tsugaru peninsula in Aomori Prefecture

Ooma-machi in Aomori Prefecture

Cape Erimo in Hokkaido

Farm terraces on Noto Peninsula

A beach on Hateruma, an island in the Yaeyama District of Okinawa

Horai Bridge, a wooden bridge built in 1879, in Shizuoka Prefecture

Cap Noshappu, a cape in the north of Hokkaido that offers an excellent view of the ocean

The Kaguraden at Izumo Shrine in Shimane Prefecture

Honen’ike Dam in Kagawa Prefecture

Shirakawa Village in Gifu Prefecture

A torii gate at Ise Grand Shrine in Mie Prefecture

Kurshiro Marsh, a national park in Hokkaido

Kurashiki Bikan historical quarter in Kurashiki, Okayama

Tojinbo, a series of cliffs on the Sea of Japan in Fukui Prefecture

A bridge over Sanzu River near Mount Osore in Aomori Prefecture

Cape Chikyu in Hokkaido

Chirihama Beach, in Ishikawa Prefecture, the only place in Japan where you can actually drive on the beach

So, how did you do? We have to admit, quite a few of these photos had us totally stumped! But it was fun looking them up and marking locations on maps for future travel plans. We can’t wait to see some of these destinations with our own eyes some day!

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Featured image: Imgur (1, 2, 3, 4)