What do you like to get from your coffee, relaxation or focus? Apparently, the type of beans can change the affect on your brain, but which does what?

Mmm…there’s nothing like the smell of a fresh cup o’ joe! That smell, however, is more than just a nice fragrance. Depending on the beans, the aroma of the coffee can actually change your brain waves.


Recent studies in Japan found that the smell of certain types of coffee beans increased the alpha waves in the brain. These same waves are found in high levels when you’re in a relaxed state. Scientists proved this by having participants simply smell a variety of freshly brewed coffees while testing their brain waves. Relaxation ensued for those who smelled Guatemalan and Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee. The studies also found that roast matters too; dark roasts have a more stable affect, compared to medium roasts.

▼ The dark browns and reds show levels of alpha waves.


All Japan Coffee Association (modified by RocketNews24)

If you want to focus, however, better stick to Brazilian Santos, Hawaiian Kona and Sumatra beans. These beans increase data processing speeds, such as for decision-making and high focus, shown by P300 waves in the brain. Participants were tested in their ability to respond quickly to high frequencies after smelling different roasts. While the Guatemalan and Blue Mountain scored on the higher end, Santos, Kona and Sumatra scored the fastest processing speeds.

▼ The lower the bar graph, the faster the processing speed.


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Who knew that just the smell of the beans could influence your brain so much? Now you know that if you have to stay up late working or studying, you should stick to Brazilian Santos, Hawaiian Kona and Sumatra. But, if you’re just letting off steam with friends, try the relaxing beans of Guatemala and Jamaica and remember, make it dark roast for a fuller effect!

▼Which coffee beans will you drink?

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