What did we find in our 2016 Toys “R” Us lucky bags? Join us as we open both a “boys’ version” and a “girls’ version” bag!

This year, we tried our luck with Toys “R” Us’ special “fun bags” being sold for 3,999 yen (US$33.61) each. Not a bad deal for a ginormous bag packed to the brim with toys, but what would be inside?

The fun bags were being offered in two versions—one for boys, and one for girls. We were curious about what would set each of the versions apart, so we naturally had to purchase one of each.

Contents of the 2016 Toys R Us Fun Bag—Boys’ Version

▼ Here’s the outside of the boys’ bag…


▼…and all of its inner goodies!


Let’s take a look at the 10 items inside in closer detail, shall we? 

1. [Ressha Sentai ToQger] Transformation SmarPho Applichanger (3,500 yen/$29.42 value)

2. [Ressha Sentai ToQger] Last Train Ressha Cannon Daikaiten Cannon (6,800 yen/$57.15 value)


3. [Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers] Bachicombat AS01 Mutant Bachicom Disk Tech Arc (680 yen/$5.71 value)

4. [Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers] Bachicombat ST02 Iron Counter Arc (1,000 yen/$8.41 value)

5. [Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers] Hyper Motions Thor (1,800 yen/$15.13 value)


6. [Planes] Talking Friends Dusty (2,300 yen/$19.33 value)

7. [Pokémon] Mega Ring (1,000 yen/$8.41 value)


8. [Pokémon] MHP-04 Monsters Collection Hyper Size Series Zekrom Overdrive (800 yen/$6.73 value)

9. [Pokémon] MHP-03 Monsters Collection Hyper Size Series Kyurem Overdrive (800 yen/$6.73 value)


10. Nencho-san no gakko de deru randoseru [“backpack”]–gakko tanken [“exploring school”] (3,870 yen/$32.53 value)


All in all, the boys’ goods amounted to a total value of 22,550 yen ($189.54).

Contents of the 2016 Toys R Us Fun Bag—Girls’ Version

▼ Here’s the outside of the girls’ bag…


▼ …and what we found within!


Here’s a closer look at the eight items in the girls’ bag:

1. [Aikatsu!] Card Maker DX Deco File Set (5,300 yen/$44.59 value)

2. [Aikatsu!] Idol Produce Notebook (3,500 yen/$29.42 value)


3. [Prism Paradise] PriTicke Millefeui Collection All-Brand DX (4,800 yen/$40.37 value)

4. [Prism Paradise] PriTicke File (1,000 yen/$8.41 value)


5. [Frozen] Olaf Stuffed Animal M (3,800 yen/$31.96 value)

6. [Frozen] Dancing Olaf “I Love Summer” (4,000 yen/$33.66 value)


7. [Pokémon] Dedenne Going-Out Pocket (2,980 yen/$25.06 value)

8. [Zukin-chan] Three-set of Key Chains (850 yen/$7.14 value)


All in all, the girls’ goodies amounted to a total value of 26,230 yen ($220.48).

In comparison, the boys’ bag was full of larger and heavier items. It definitely seemed to be the better deal of the two…until we compared their actual monetary value! Despite having a fewer number of total items, the girls’ bag was actually worth almost 4,000 yen ($33.66) more in value.

While both of the bags had bang for their buck based on their cost prices of 3,999 yen alone, we did have one fairly innocuous concern. The majority of the toys we received originally went on sale between 2013-2014, so perhaps the bags aren’t the best option if you’re looking to get the latest and greatest in playthings that are currently flying off the shelves, especially when it comes to the ones with ongoing anime tie-ins. But hey, it could be the perfect excuse to rewatch episode XX of Aikatsu! which you’ve probably completely forgotten anyway!

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