transformers 3

Autobot world leaders…roll out!

The leaders of countries are like super heroes on the political world stage to some people. So why not envision them as Autobots, the heroes of the Transformers franchise?

Artist Gunduz Agayev has transformed a number of the world’s political leaders with his art, mashing together heads of state with instantly recognizable vehicles from their country. The floor of the UN national assembly would be very different if everyone could transform into these alien robots.







In the beginning, the Autobots (good guys) were cars (plus one trailer truck), while the Decepticons (bad guys) were planes, tanks, and other military vehicles. Based on that criteria, there appears to be only one Decepticon in the bunch, who we hope the rest of these Transformers are prepared to handle.

Top image: Facebook/Gunduz Aghayev (1, 2) (edited by RocketNews24)