glass top

Now, as a site that features a large amount of quirky news from Japan, we have a feeling that a fair number of our readers may be interested in anime and comics. As such, it is always a pleasure to share on our site beautiful artwork inspired by anime or comics in various forms. This time, we’ve found a collection of stunning work that combines modern anime/comic characters with a bit of antique taste — in the style of stained-glass windows! But these aren’t actual windows, although they certainly look lovely enough to be made into real works of colorful glass. They’re prints that look like stained glass, and there’s a whole lovely series of them!

The prints are the work of young American designer Marissa Garner, and they can be attached to your windows for an instant, stained-glass window look. And as you can see, some familiar Japanese characters are depicted in the brilliantly designed prints:

▼Yes, there’s Pokémon, lovable hero to kids around the world! Pikachu’s dynamic movement seems to be expertly captured in this picture.
glass pokemon

▼And Sailor Moon looks just lovely in her white dress here, almost like a stained-glass rendition of an Alphonse Mucha poster.
glass sailor moon

Of course, there are plenty of American comic and animation characters as well. See the impressive selection below!

▼Here’s Batman, in all his dark splendor …glass batman

▼… and his archenemy the Joker, along with Harley Quinn
glass joker harley quinn

▼And we can’t forget your friendly neighborhood Spiderman — his web looks magnificent!
glass spiderman

▼Here we have the brethren of The Avengers — a unique and impressive lot by any standard. And the Incredible Hulk’s green looks awesome as a stained-glass color!
glass avengers

▼Here’s Optimus Prime from the Transformers series looking as regal as the leader of the Autobots should.
glass transformers

▼Last but not least, we have our lovely equine friends from My Little Pony in all their splendid colors!
glass my little pony

Well, we think these illustrations are a joy to look at, and we hope you enjoyed them as much as we did. The prints are available from Garner’s Etsy shop, FayProductions, in several different sizes at prices ranging from US$8 to $25. Here’s a huge bravo to Garner for giving us a beautifully unique and inexpensive way to change the look of our rooms, and if you’re interested in seeing more of her works, you can check out some of her illustrations, comics and sculpted scale models at her website here.

Source: FayProductions Etsy shop via Kotaro blog (Japanese)
Photos: FayProductions Etsy shop