Dubbed “India’s first transgender band,” the Brooke Bond Red Label 6 Pack Band’s first single shows just how happy the hijra community can get with an Indian-flavored take on the Pharrell Williams hit of 2014.

The video, produced by Yfilms and posted to YouTube on January 6, starts off with the introduction of transgender hijra people, or the “third gender” as they put it. The opening references certain stereotypes such as hijra standing by traffic lights and touching people or asking for money. While this is sometimes true, it is the last resort of an ostracized culture whom if granted the simple act of understanding, can work towards a life of satisfaction.

But aware of the reality that such a day may never come, they’re still going to be not just “Happy” but “Hum Hain Happy.”

It’s an uplifting video to be sure, and has two features I feel should be a part of every cinematic work by law:

1. Guys who flex their muscles to music

2. An elderly woman who peers around the corner to see what all the hubbub is

On the other hand, I feel compelled to admit something that might make me unpopular with many of our readers…

I don’t think “Happy” is all that great of a song. Don’t get me wrong; it’s finely composed and arranged and everything, and it would make a solid B-side. However, the whole thing gets pretty repetitive after about a minute and the hook is rather weak next to comparable tracks such as “Everyday People” by Sly and the Family Stone or Smokey Robinson’s “Crusin.”

But I realize that the times are changing, and rather than be on the wrong side of history I’ll have to put aside my objections and accept that “Happy” is a part of our shared culture whether I like it or not.

So in conclusion, I’d like to thank these brave hijra for teaching closed-minded people like me to tolerate all walks of R&B/pop music. It’ll take time, but bit by bit I’m going to understand why this song is an important part of our world, and someday maybe even add it to a playlist.

Source: YouTube/YFilms via Zaeega
Images: YouTube/YFilms