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These tykes are adorable, awesome, and ready for their close-ups.

Unlike older, more self-conscious fans, little kids have no reservations about dressing up like their favorite fictional characters. For proof, you don’t need to look any farther than YouTuber beatdownboogie’s recently posted video of cosplaying kids, whose embarrassment-free expressions radiate pure-hearted joy or earnest and total commitment to taking on the persona of their heroes.

As you might expect, there are plenty of characters from the worlds of Marvel, Disney, and Harry Potter to be found. But it’s also been about 20 years since Japanese animation got its big break in the West, which means that some of those impressionable youths who grew up loving anime are now passing that passion on to kids of their own, and the result is adorable anime cosplay children.

The works of Hayao Miyazaki are often cited as anime that are artistic and wholesome enough to share with the whole family. We’re sort of concerned about how these young Ghibli loyalists reacted to that scene of the Great Forest Spirit getting its head shot off in Princess Mononoke, though.

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Speaking of gunplay, Trigun’s ordinarily lanky Vash the Stampede still cuts a dramatic figure in shrunken form.

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We’re similarly intimidated by this pint-sized version of Fairy Tale’s Erza.

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Of course, many cosplayers have equally large soft spots for Japanese animation and Japanese video games, which is why Sora, from Final Fantasy/Disney crossover Kingdom Hearts, shows up.

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▼ Actually, now that Disney owns Star Wars, there’s a chance we might see something like this in a future Kingdom Hearts installment.

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▼ Mommy’s little angel, dressed as Pit from Kid Icarus

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▼ It’s kind of sad to think that there hasn’t been a legitimately good Sonic game made in this kid’s lifetime.

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But as much fun as these kids seem to be having, the best moments are when parent and child team up for some dual-generation cosplay.

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We just hope that woman lets her baby Charmander sleep in a crib, and doesn’t try to stuff him in a Poké Ball at the end of the day.

Source: Kotaku Japan
Images: YouTube/beatdownboogie