Not cosplaying as Goku, but as the actual kamehameha beam itself.

The latest winter edition of Comiket, the world’s biggest biannual Comic Market convention, is currently going on, and aside from the dōjinshi “fan comics” on sale, one of the biggest attractions is the cosplayers.

Usually the cosplays at Comiket are well-known for their high quality, whether they’re suave and stylish or just trying to be funny. But this time around one of the cosplays getting the most attention was also one where the phrase “high quality” doesn’t immediately come to mind: Goku’s kamehameha beam.

“First time I’ve ever seen someone
cosplay the kamehameha beam itself.”

For those who need a quick refresher, the kamehameha beam is of course Goku’s signature attack. It’d be kind of like cosplaying as Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber, or Harry Potter’s wand.

The person who did this ingenious cosplay goes by the Twitter handle @tky888tky, and he popped up in the comments, which let us see some more of his oddly-inspired and low budget cosplay:

▼ He dressed up as Pallet Town from Pokémon…

▼ …Cinderella’s castle…

▼ …a horrifying Togepi…

▼ …and a Primeape with duct tape rolls for bracelets.

Honestly, the creativity is off the charts here. While super-detailed and accurate cosplays of well-known characters will always be popular, it’s great to see some more abstract cosplay of lesser-known characters… or attacks… or locations….

Japanese Twitter had some interesting responses to the kamehameha cosplay:

▼ I’m not sure what this is, but yes, yes I agree.

▼ I think this commenter really captured the spirit of the cosplay.

And if you want to see some more high-creativity low-budget Dragon Ball cosplay, be sure to check out Low Cost Cosplay’s versions of Goku, Cell, and Piccolo and so, so much more.

Source: Twitter/@syosui
Featured image: Twitter/@dbzemporium