They don’t call Saya Kataoka the Underboob Angel for nothing.

Japan’s gurabia modeling world, which focuses on women dressed in skimpy swimwear and lingerie, can be a crowded place. As such, it’s important for would-be gurabia stars to differentiate themselves from their many rivals, and 22-year-old Saya Kataoka has earned the nickname Shitachichi Tenshi, or Underboob Angel.

However, there’s more to Kataoka than just a pretty smile and a shapely figure. She’s also a graduate of Tokyo’s Bunka Fashion College, and thus knows a thing or two about garment design. The Kanagawa native recently showed off a piece of intimate apparel she made all by herself by sending out the following tweet.

Kataoka somewhat confusingly refers to her creation as a “lingerie swimsuit,” so it’s not entirely clear if it was designed to be shown off in the bedroom or on the beach. Either way, though, it’s a fitting choice for the Underboob Angel, as it’s designed to show off the specific part of the physical asset that the model is best known for.

In case you’re not already looking closely, those aren’t patches of beige fabric on the outer and lower sides of the chest. They’re cutaway openings, meant to expose two extra fields of flesh.

Along with the photos, Kataoka tweeted that she’s looking for interested business partners. It’s possible that she had her tongue firmly in cheek as she set others’ wagging, but there’s one thing she is serious about, and so much so that she put out another tweet to clarify the situation.

“It’s sort of late, but in the pictures I sent, there appears to be a mole on my left breast.”

“The mole is actually on my right breast! It is actually on my right breast!!”

“This is so important I had to say it twice! LOL Here’s how it looks in real life.”

It seems that aside from making the bra herself, Kataoka also snapped the originally tweeted photos by pointing her camera at a mirror, as gurabia are sometimes wont to do. And just in case you feel the need to fact check her claim, there are plenty more pictures of Kataoka to be found on her official Twitter account.

Source: Nari Nari, Twitter/@__saya38__