Spoiler: it’s worth it.

Last month, we told you about the real-kitty-litter capsule toys by Kitan Club, and ever since then we’d been keen to find one. Our Japanese-language reporter Saya Togashi managed to get one of the snow globe capsule toys for 500 yen (US$3.62), and she was definitely excited to try it out.

▼ Which one do you think she got?

Along with being an adorable capsule toy concept, this toy is special in that the capsule is part of the toy itself, so the plastic waste is minimal.

▼ If you accidentally throw out the capsule, you won’t be able to make the snow globe, so be careful!

Saya got the tabby cat, and it looked precious pawing through its yellow litter box. This could be a cute figure on its own.

▼ She could almost hear the scraping sound of digging kitty litter.

▼ Without further ado, it was time to put it together!

▼ First, Saya got her bag of kitty litter ready.

Following the instruction manual, she filled the capsule top with water and one drop of dishwashing soap. You don’t need any more than one drop.

Then she added the kitty litter. No mixing is required.

Finally, she turned the cat figure upside-down and screwed it onto the water-and-soap-and-kitty-litter-mixture like a lid.

▼ Here’s the final product.

It took Saya a while to get the air bubbles out by jiggling it side to side, but this is how it turned out in the end.

▼ And now for the big moment.

▼ “Ah, wait, you’re getting it everywhere! Stop!”

▼ “Please! Why are you doing this to me?!”

Saya felt the panic that many cat owners feel when they see their kitties spraying litter absolutely everywhere. Just remember that it’s a toy, Saya!

▼ Here’s a peek of it in action.

Even though the white material is normally used to symbolize snow, Saya couldn’t see it as anything but kitty litter now. Hats off to Kitan Club, the masterminds behind this capsule toy.

▼ It’s also available in white, black, and calico designs.

If you have a cat or you just love cats, Saya highly recommends getting one of these if you can. They’ve been in capsule machines around Japan since mid-April, so if you’re in the country now or soon, keep your eyes peeled!

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