Shoko Hamada is a seven-year veteran of Japan’s gurabia industry, the subsection of the modeling world focused on women in swimwear and other skimpy outfits. In youth-obsessed Japan, she’s at an age where it wouldn’t be at all odd for her to be retiring from her line of work, but last month the 29-year-old Hamada was announced as the central figure in newly minted gurabia unit gra-DOLL.

But with so many gurabia idols filling the Japanese media landscape, Hamada and her cohorts needed to do something special to stand out and get the attention any new endeavor needs. Dressing up in Sailor Moon lingerie should do the trick.

In September, Japanese lingerie brand Peach John rereleased its line of bras and panties based on the magical girl anime, and Hamada snagged herself a crimson Sailor Mars set.

But with much of Sailor Moon’s popularity stemming from its ensemble cast, it wouldn’t make sense for Hamada to pose alone. Instead, a couple of her gra-DOLL teammates joined her for a little pre-Halloween cosplay dress-up.

▼ From left to right, Sailors Mercury, Moon, Mars, and Saturn, in both gra-DOLL and SD modes.

The choice of specific Sailor Senshi is a little puzzling, though. Sure, Sailor Moon is the main character, and Mercury and Mars are the first two companions to join her in protecting humanity from the evil forces that threaten it. But why suddenly jump to Sailor Saturn, bypassing the chronologically earlier Sailors Jupiter and Venus, as well as the comparatively more popular Sailors Uranus and Neptune?

The answer might simply be a lack of availability. Peach John’s Sailor Moon lingerie tends to sell out very quickly, and the fact that only four of gra-DOLL’s eight members show up in the photos suggests the group couldn’t get all the anime undies it wanted. As a matter of fact, look closely and you’ll see that the “Sailor Mercury” lingerie in the photos is different from the others, suggesting that it’s not the official version from Peach John.

▼ Shorter skirt, different waist design

Don’t worry, though. We won’t judge you if you were too distracted to notice.

Source: Narinari