Now you can be a hero, one brick at a time!

The Marunouchi Line section of Shinjuku Station in Tokyo is known for some pretty ambitious advertisements. Last year they converted their indoor columns into vegetables to advertise a farmer’s market, and this year is no exception either.

To celebrate the release of Dragon Quest Builders, a video game that combines Minecraft’s world-building with Dragon Quest’s characters and setting, a massive mural made out of 180,000 Lego bricks has been erected inside the station.

Here’s some pictures so you can see the magnificence for yourself:

▼ Hmm, just looks like a pretty normal ad to me. Where’s all the-





▼ It’s kind of hard to believe they’re made entirely of Lego bricks.
Let’s take a closer look at Dragonlord here, just to be sure….


▼ Zooming… zooming…


▼ Yup. They’re Lego bricks. That’s amazing.


▼ And here’s a close-up of everyone’s favorite, Slime.


▼ Metal Slime looks even less intimidating and more adorable
when it’s made out of plastic bricks.


▼ Even the columns are getting in on the fun.


And the ad campaign doesn’t end there: Starting at 7:00 a.m. on January 28, anyone is welcome to come down and remove a block from the mural, slowly but surely revealing a secret poster hidden behind the bricks. You can even take the bricks you remove home with you, and some of them have a special QR code on them for exclusive downloads (which sounds a lot cooler than a lukewarm birthday message).

So if you want to get in on a piece of the action, then be sure to grab your Lego brick as soon as you can. There may be 180,000 of them, but we have a feeling they’ll be gone fast.

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