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The spin-off building-cum-adventuring game debuted just over a week ago, but Japanese gamers are already showing off their most brilliant and wacky creations.

Unsurprisingly, the newest Dragon Quest game, even in spite of being a series spin-off that doesn’t feature monster collecting, is making a major splash in Japan. Dragon Quest Builders, the new adventure RPG/crafting game hybrid available on a number of consoles and handhelds, is tearing up sales charts and making many a Western JRPG fan cry big, bitter tears of jealousy and frustration, given that Square Enix have so far made no announcements concerning a release for the game outside of Japan.

Although many in the games media all but accused Dragon Quest Builders of plagiarism due to its surface resemblance to worldwide smash hit/digital surrogate parent to 10-year-olds everywhere, Minecraft, the game’s full release, which landed in Japanese storefronts January 28, brought with it a robust story mode and action RPG elements to complement the game’s main building mechanics.

According to early reviews, Dragon Quest Builders also, ahem, builds on the Minecraft formula with a more user-friendly building interface and classic JRPG-inspired items and crafting materials. Meaning, inevitably, thousands and thousands of Japanese gamers are ignoring the game’s story elements altogether in order to futz around in Builders‘ crafting sandbox, and they’ve come up with some truly inspiring creations.

Let’s take a look:

There are, of course, a lot of the expected tributes to Dragon Quest lore, creatures, and previous installments

Some are drawing inspiration from other games and pop culture

At least a few players are attempting to bring commerce to their towns with real-world shops, such as this 7-Eleven and Nitori furniture store

Of course, many are just had at work on their own castles, towns and abodes

Lots of cool stuff going on here! Again, there doesn’t seem to be any official word on a western release of Dragon Quest Builders. It would certainly be a damn shame if the rest of the world missed out on what appears to be a super fun game, but then again, maybe Square-Enix are worried that putting the game in the hands of US players might see a noted increase in giant phallus monuments throughout the land of Alefgard.

Source: Friends Channel
Feature image: Twitter/@dragstardatto

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