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Upcoming video game promises “a Pikachu like you’ve never seen before,” but we’ve never heard one that sounds like this either.

The Pokémon franchise’s tagline of “Gotta catch ‘em all!” is referring to the hundreds of species of Pocket Monsters for players to track down, but in the newest chapter, it’s criminals you’re after. Coming to Nintendo’s 3DS handheld on February 3 is Great Detective Pikachu-The Birth of a New Duo (Meitantei Pikachu-Shin Konbi Tanjo in Japanese), in which the most famous Pokémon isn’t visiting training gyms to help his master become the very best, but tracking suspicious individuals through dark alleys to crack capers.

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But while fighting crime doesn’t seem completely incongruous for the characteristically plucky and courageous Pikachu, what does have a lot of fans startled is the character’s voice.

It’s startling enough to hear a Pokémon speak in full sentences, since their dialogue is usually limited to emotive intonations of their own names. But adding to the surprise is that compared to the cheerful squeaks of Pikachus past, this one sports a deep, manly voice.

▼ And also a preference for strong, black coffee.

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Still, we suppose he does need to say something other than “Pika!” when he finds his young partner in sleuthing collapsed on a rain-soaked cobblestone sidewalk.

▼ “Are you OK?”

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▼ “I smell a crime.”

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▼ “I’m on the case!”

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He’s definitely not lacking in confidence, as at one point he proclaims, “I’m not a detective. I’m a great detective.” The video’s text even goes so far as to describe the consulting Pokédetective as “Arrogant, talkative, but someone you just can’t bring yourself to hate.” And honestly, even with his less-than-cute voice, he still looks so adorable we’re having to fight back the urge to hug our monitor.

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▼ Actually, his new, shibui voice seems to be earning him some love from the ladies.

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But don’t worry, the new game’s star isn’t nonstop gruffness. As a matter of fact, at one point in the preview he has the following heartfelt words to say.

“Tell my partner here that someday our dreams really do come true.”

And just who is it that he feels has such credibility in these matters?

▼ Hey, now that’s a voice we recognize!

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So don’t worry, the new Pikachu isn’t replacing the old one. He’s just adding “private detective” to the species’ collective resume, right after pro wrestler.

Source: Jin
Images: YouTube/PokemonCoJp