OMG! You guys, this is so cute. Like, seriously. Just. So. Freaking. Cute.

So, that panda rolling in the snow was pretty cute, I guess. I mean, it’s a panda — those guys are born with an overabundance of adorable. But let’s be honest; they don’t have a monopoly on the whole “cute animal in the snow” gig. Sure, there are cats and dogs out there who will melt your heart by flopping around in a winter wonderland, but they all pale in comparison to this: An otter rolling around in the snow like a puppy.

Seriously, look at that little guy go! He’s so cute, I could pee my pants and I would still stay in my seat hitting play over and over again.

And then there’s this photo of Taro (oh yes, this little bundle of cuteness has a name) rubbing his head on the snow like a cat trying to get you to pet it. If you’re not grinning like a baby staring a jangling car keys right now, I’m not sure we can be friends anymore.


Okay, there’s only one more, but it’s a good one. Here’s Taro lying on his back just like our favorite shiba inu Marutaro. I just can’t even…

▼ Stop being so cute! I can’t take it anymore!


If you want to see Taro in person for yourself, you’ll have to go to Asa Zoo in Hiroshima where he lives. Obviously it doesn’t snow every day in Hiroshima, so you won’t necessarily be able to see Taro rolling around like an excited puppy, but we bet he’s cute no matter what he’s doing. Just be sure to take something with you to mop up your heart after it melts and dribbles into a puddle on the floor.

Sources: Hamusoku, Twitter/@asa_zoo
Featured image: Twitter/@asa_zoo