Marutaro, Japan’s most beloved shiba inu, not only shares his name with a hedgehog — he also shares his nappy time with an adorable stuffed polar bear!

When we met Marutaro last year, the adorable shiba was Japan’s second most popular Instagrammer, which is certainly nothing to sneeze out. Now our favorite celebrity dog is back with a friend — a stuffed polar bear that’s almost as cute at Marutaro!

There’s been a ton of snow here in Japan over the last few days, so let these insanely kawaii photos warm you from the inside.

▼ They’re like twins!

▼ Maybe they’ll let us squeeze in the middle…

▼ Sleep hugs are the best!

▼ We can’t help wondering if they’re sharing the same dreams…

▼ Cute butts alert! Cute butts alert!

▼ Guess who’s sleeping in the doghouse tonight…

▼ That feeling when you don’t know where to put your arms…

▼ “They see me rollin’, they hatin'”

▼ Here’s Marutaro carrying on a conversation with someone on a loudspeaker.

▼ “Do you mind? I’m trying to sleep!”

▼ A nice fire and two fluffy cuties? Life is good for this photographer!

▼ Marutaro also likes to spend time with his other bear-y good friend, a stuffed panda!

▼ We have no idea how this octopus got on land, but we’re super jealous!

▼ One last photo of Marutaro and his polar bear…

As noted in the caption above, Marutaro’s Instagram account has surpassed 5,000 posts. That’s a lot of posts! We applaud him for taking all photos by himself. What a good boy! Yes, he is! Yes, he is!!

Okay, obviously Marutaro didn’t take all the photos by himself, but how could would it be if he did? Well, we can always dream. And if you need more photos of adorable animals napping, you’ll love this tanuki warming itself at home.

Sources: Instagram/Marutaro via Design Taxi
Featured image: Instagram/Marutaro