Meet Japan’s adorable otter YouTuber, Chiitan!【Video】

Are you this adorable sleeping in a tiny futon?

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Forget the panda—this otter playing in the snow is the cutest thing you’ll see today【Video】

OMG! You guys, this is so cute. Like, seriously. Just. So. Freaking. Cute.

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Five of the cutest otter videos from Japan

Otters are adorable, there’s no doubt about that, but how often do you actually get to see one in person? Sure you could go out and watch one at the zoo, but we wish there were a way for us to get closer. Although owning an otter is out of the question for most people, we can at least live vicariously through these residents of Japan who are able to live in close proximity to those cute river animals. Take a look at these five otter videos and prepare to say, “Awww!”

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Japanese otter full of personality winning hearts over Twitter

This little otter from Hiroshima is only four months old, but has already enamored Twitter users across Japan with its photogenic human-like expression.

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This otter isn’t dead (we promise!) 【Video】

We know what you’re thinking! But before you click away from our site in disgust, just know that this otter is NOT dead! He’s very much alive and doing something completely adorable.

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We go to shake hands with an otter, it’s like that scene in E.T. but way cuter!

About a week ago we announced the opening of an otter touching experience at Keikyu Aburatsubo Marine Park, and the response was huge. From Japan and all around the country people’s hearts melted at the sight of those gentle round eyes and long whiskers.

Managing to get a spot in the quickly filling reservations, one of our reported headed down to the Miura Peninsula to get all touchy-feely with a quartet of Asian small-clawed otters.  She came back with this report and a slew of adorable pictures.

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Marine park offers chance to shake hands with a loveable otter

It’s generally agreed that few members of the animal kingdom can quite match the level of cuteness offered by the humble otter. Watching those little guys floating on their backs and eating off their tummies makes you just want to snatch them up from the water and take them home.

Well, now Keikyu Aburatsubo Marine Park is still not letting you do that, but they are giving you the next best thing without violating poaching laws. From now until 13 September, you can get a little touchy feeling with their otters by letting them grab your finger.

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Dude, you ‘otter’ check this out! It’s ‘otterly’ adorable!

While the Internet may run on cats, they’re certainly not the only cute creatures on the planet. (We’ll leave it up to you to decide if they’re the cutest or not…)

One of the underdog challengers to the Internet Cuteness Throne is the otter.

And this otter, named Piisu-kun, is bringing more than cuteness—he’s helpful, too!!

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