A reasonable complaint, or unreasonable parent? The internet weighs in.

An international school in Doha, the capital city of Qatar, has made news and raised a few eyebrows after its decision to ban a version of the book Snow White from its library following a complaint from a parent.

The school in question is the Qatar campus of Spain’s SEK International Schools, whose main language of instruction is English and teaches students from ages three to 18. The banned book was based on Disney’s 1937 animated adaptation of the fairy tale and featured illustrations from the movie. After a father of one of the school’s students complained that some of the illustrations and writing were “obscene” and “sexual”, the book was removed from the library.

▼ Just look at the way they’re gazing at each other! This is sure to spark unclean thoughts in young minds.

The school’s principal issued an apology, stating, “I hope we can prevent something like this from happening again.” It is still not clear, however, which parts of the book were considered so suggestive as to be unsuitable for children.

Some confused net users weighed in on the issue:

“Something’s off about that guy.”

“I want to tell him, it’s because of that ‘obscenity’ that your child was born.”

“So, they just banned it without knowing what was wrong with it?”

“I would probably swoon over a red-headed Snow White.”

Sounds like just another case of monster parents getting their way.

Source: Hachima Kikou, Sankei News
Top image: Hachima Kikou, SEK Qatar homepage (edited by RocketNews24)