What bizarre plastic tat has been popping out of capsule machines in Japan this month?

Gachapon, or capsule toys, are hugely popular in Japan and definitely not just with kids. Companies leech the blood from this revenue vein by providing an endless stream of weird and wonderful figures to collect, and people—us included—just can’t get enough of them. Well, sometimes.

Today, we’re take a look at the top seven strangest gacha toys announced this month. (Bear in mind that some of these won’t be available in machines for a few months yet, but they have been officially revealed by their respective companies.)

1. Bottle panties (200 yen [US$1.70], on sale April)

The first ones must have been a hit, because this is the second series of panties for your drinks bottles. This time the range includes patterns like check and zebra-print, plus a pair of secret panties to discover.

2. Locker key wrist watches (300 yen [US$2.50], on sale April)


If you’re a frequent visitor to gyms or swimming pools, these designs will probably be familiar to you. When you leave your clothes in a locker, you have to keep your key with you while exercising, so they usually come handily attached to a wristband labeled with your locker number, and to avoid accidental stabbings the key folds back into a little rubber holder. But in the case of these wristbands, it’s not a key that comes out, but a digital watch! Almost as trendy as that Swatch you had back in the ’90s

3. Shakurel Planet (200 yen [US$1.70], on sale January)


This is the 22nd series from quirky gacha toy maker Panda no Ana, and…I don’t really have any words to describe it. Apparently animals with underbites and giant chins are a thing people want?

4. Mannequins (200 yen [US$1.70], on sale January)

WS5167Collect all six bizarre mannequin poses in both white and silver and use them as drawing references, jewelry stands, or just to freak out your workmates when you leave them on their desk to find first thing in the morning.

5. Snack packet tissue holders (400 yen [US$3.40, on sale April)


When you’re out shopping in Japan you’ll often find your pockets stuffed full of free packets of tissues that double as advertising. With these tissue cases you can store them where they won’t get all scrunched up while also disguising them as packets of popular snacks. Why? Why not!

6. Hanging pugs (300 yen [US$2.50], on sale April)


Pugs are the pet of the moment, but if you’re not in a position to care for one how about one of these little toys instead? They’ll hang off the edge of your glass in the most elegant of doggie poses, such as lifting one leg, or sticking their butt in the air.

7. Squishy bananas (300 yen [US$2.50], on sale April)


The appeal of these rubbery bananas is apparently their “mysterious texture”. Hang them off your bag and have a squeeze whenever you feel a bit stressed.

Which of the seven toys above is your favourite? Let us know in the comments section below.

Source & Images: Gachapon Jouhou