Monster parents

“Snow White” book banned from school for being obscene, no one sure of the part in question

A reasonable complaint, or unreasonable parent? The internet weighs in.

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Monster parents evolve: The unbelievable demands and complaints made by parents in Japan

‘Monster parents’ aren’t anything new in Japan–the complaints by and about overbearing, demanding mothers and fathers have been on the increase for nearly a decade. But thanks to a report by the FujiTV program Nonstop, the issue has catapulted squarely back into the public conscious.

The show posted some of the crazier complaints allegedly made by these loudmouthed parents to schools and their kids’ teachers, sparking angry and bewildered comments online. We’ve collected some of the best (worst?) below.

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More and more Japanese moms agree: boys should wear girls’ swimsuits

We saw how monster parents can ruin the lives of rural potato farmers, but how do their demands impact the teachers closest to them?

Horribly of course, as some Tokyo area teachers have revealed, particularly when it comes to swimming class. According to an interview with Excite News Japan, school staff are growing increasingly worried with parents’ request to put their sons in one-piece swimsuits.

We don’t mean something cool like wetsuits either. These moms insist that to the best way to combat the indecent exposure of a topless boy is to put him in a girl’s swimsuit. How’s that for logic?

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Monster parents: The bane of teachers and…hardworking potato farmers?

The image of Japanese schools was once that of austere buildings with silent-but-hardworking students who followed their teacher’s every command. Corporal punishment was not only tolerated but incredibly common. Parents largely stood to the side and let the schools do whatever they wanted.

And then the monster parents emerged, frustrating everyone from teachers to…potato farmers?

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