Scientific breakthrough or elaborate hoax? Either way, that’s a cool arm, bruh!

After suffering from a stroke that left him with a paralyzed arm, things didn’t look too bright for 31-year-old Wayan Sumardana, owner of a welding workshop in Bali. With a wife and three kids to provide for, Wayan knew he needed to continue his work, but without a functioning left arm there wouldn’t be much he could do.

So, using spare parts from his workshop and his remaining good arm, he set to work creating something that would allow him to work normally again: a bionic arm.

The “arm” is essentially a brace, jointed with gears and wired to a large circuit board that’s strapped to his back. The whole thing is powered by what looks like a headband which turns his thoughts into movement.

2Image: YouTube/ Ruptly TV

Or so the story goes…

Wayan’s creation has no scientific backing, and has many skeptical people calling it a fake. The apprehension is well founded, as other mind-controlled prosthetics–which are years and thousands of dollars in the making—don’t allow for the movement or functionality that Wayan’s purportedly does. But you can always watch the video below and judge for yourself.

Real or not, the robotic arm has made Wayan something of a local celebrity, earning him the nickname “Iron Man”, and he doesn’t seem too fazed by the criticism his creation has brought. He says he hopes his story inspires others who have suffered from a stroke or are paralyzed to not give up.

We’re pretty sure his arm will inspire some crafty cosplayers out there too!

Source: YouTube/ Ruptly TV, CCTV News; grape
Top image: YouTube/ CCTV News