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These baroque-style wigs made entirely from paper are going to ba-low you away.

Based in St. Petersburg, Russian artist Asya Kozina is stunning the Internet masses with her intricately sculpted baroque wigs. This historical throwback to the 1600s is beauty and aesthetics for art’s sake; there is absolutely no practical functionality to these wigs, but it doesn’t matter because the results are marvelous.

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It isn’t just the hairstyles that Kozina has focused on, but the meticulous details that grace the tops of the wigs. Our favorite part is the fact that Kozina created wigs for a whole family to wear, proving that ridiculous hairstyles weren’t only for the women of the time, they were fun for the whole family!

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If you had a time machine, you probably wouldn’t see a fancy European with a three-masted sailing ship on their head, but the Baroque Era was one of exuberance and grandeur, so…really anything was possible.

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Wigs aren’t the only thing Kozina has intricately crafted out of paper, so be sure to click through her gallery to find her other equally beautiful work. You won’t be disappointed.

Source: Artist Database
Images: Behance/Asya Kozina