cat demon 1

February is a hard month to face, so why not put on a mask and greet it looking like something else?

February 3 marked this year’s Setsubun holiday, the festive occasion in Japan full of oni masks and beans. The day is traditionally celebrated by throwing said beans out the door, shouting, “Demons out! Luck in!” and then slamming the door.

However, some different sorts of demons made an appearance all over the Internet this year. We thought about kicking them out, but we just couldn’t!

▼ Let sleeping demons lie.

▼ The eyes may seem friendly, but the neck is saying, “Give me your kitty treats!”

▼ Why hello beautiful, blue-haired kitty. Aren’t you a handsome devil?

▼ Chibi alert! Chibi alert! Code cute…code CUTE!

▼ “I know where you sleep, human. I will sleep there too!”

▼ “Is this the best attack you’ve got?”

▼ This looks like Bane Cat.

▼ It’s getting a little fierce!

▼ It’s hard to banish cats with beans.

▼ Probably could have used a bigger mask here.

▼ This demon has some cat scratch fever!

▼ Ha ha, look at that stupid thing you have on your head.

▼ I’m ready for my close up.

▼ Why do we have beans on our heads? I thought we were supposed to be demons.

Whether it’s Setsubun, Chinese New Year, or another holiday that attempts to keep the demons at bay, we’re not sure it’s possible when they flash us cute looks like these, and we definitely have it in our hearts to forgive them for any of their misdeeds.

Source: Naver Matome
Top image: Instagram/y_michi4128