Indulge your GochiUsa obsession with these classy but cute Rabbit House headphones.

Is the Order a Rabbit?, known to fans as GochiUsa, is a comedy/slice-of-life anime series based on a yon-koma (four-panel) manga about a group of young girls working at the Rabbit House cafe. The anime, which recently wrapped up its second season, has proved a hit with its super cute characters and lighthearted storylines. And of course, a series making it big means lots and lots of related merch. Thankfully the latest product in the never-ending slew of goods to collect is something you can actually use, rather than a bit of plastic that will serve only to sit around collecting dust on a shelf.

Japanese consumer electronics manufacturer Onkyo has announced a collaboration with the popular moe anime to produce a set of limited edition hi-res headphones.


The ONKYO E700MW GochiUsa Model will feature the Rabbit House logo as deco on the back casing and will be available in silver and pink-gold. It’s a relatively unobtrusive design, so the only people who will recognize your loli-loving otaku tendencies are fellow otaku. The packaging will also feature a special design with a book-style box that will store stylishly on your shelf.

Pre-orders opened on February 1 and will close at 3pm on March 4 for an expected delivery by the end of May. The price is 19,800 yen (US $168), including tax and shipping costs within Japan, which is 6,000 yen (US$51) more than the plain ordinary model. These companies know that fans are willing to pay a premium!


For those who are more interested in the quality of the headphones rather than the fact that they come with a cute anime logo, here are the basic specs of the E700MW:

Play frequency band: 6-40000Hz
Impedance: 32Ω
Sensitivity: 108db
Speaker diameter: 13.5mm
Maximum input: 30mW

More detailed information on the specs can be found in the company’s press release [Japanese].

Source & Images: C-Lab
Gif: Tumblr