ghibli 1

How many different movies can you find in this one piece of art?

Kerby Rosanes has a passion for the pen and ink. He shares most of his extremely detailed works of art on his Instagram page with his hundreds of thousands of followers, always receiving masses of comments and likes. But there was a huge commotion in Kerby Nation when he posted a picture of one particular rough draft.

Everyone was captivated by the work in progress and luckily they only had to wait a single day to see the completed piece.

Chock-full of characters, the entire drawing is gorgeously shaded and each of the characters is meticulously placed. It’s really hard to fully capture just how detailed this work is because our minds are too excited about how perfect the entire scene is.

This isn’t the first time Kerby has dabbled with Ghibli as he created another piece back in 2013 that featured a number of same characters, but this one is, impossibly, even more finely crafted.

It’s undeniable that this amazing artist has a very exciting future ahead of him, so be sure to follow him on Instagram and Twitter for his most up-to-date art.

Source & Top Image: Instagram/kerbyrosanes