The family that games together on a giant controller…probably gets in lots of fights when someone is late to press jump.

Tokaigi, also known as Game Party Japan, was held last weekend and drew gamers from around the country to play both for fun and competitively. It also featured a giant working Famicom controller nearly 1.9 meters (about 6.2 feet) wide with buttons the size of your head.

▼ And a start button big enough to beat your cheating siblings with!

The controller was part of Tokaigi’s retro game section and drew gamers of every age — including some kids doing their best to get through Super Mario Bros.!

Other games, such as Ghosts ‘n Goblins, were also available to play on the giant controller and accompanying enormous screen, but when it comes to Famicom (NES in the west) games, we really can’t imagine anything better than jumping around with Mario! As you might imagine, the controller proved to be pretty popular and at one point the wait to play was 110 minutes!

If you’re curious as to how it was made, this video will give you a very brief (but dramatic!) look at the process.

While some brave gamers managed to play solo, but we can’t help thinking this might be the perfect date for a gamer couple. And, hey, Valentine’s Day is only a week or so away. Someone contact the guy who made this and tell him we have a business proposition!

Of course, some people prefer games that let you build stuff, so we suppose you could have romantic Valentine’s Day constructing giant hearts or something in Dragon Quest Builders if the giant controller guy is a no-show.

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Featured image: YouTube/Gigazine