Celebrate your love for Japanese bento with new soy sauce fish bottle pens

Stationery that looks, and smells, good enough to eat!

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We try out writing inks inspired by Nagasaki ramen and dessert

They not only have beautiful deep colors, but one smells delicious, too!

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Japanese Twitter user’s ridiculously detailed ballpoint pen art goes viral

If you’ve got the talent and the passion you can use pretty much anything to illustrate your vision, like this piece of art that’s been making the rounds on Japanese Twitter, drawn using only two ballpoint pens.

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Pen-and-ink illustration takes us on a road trip through the whimsical world of Ghibli

How many different movies can you find in this one piece of art?

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These crustaceans are going to make you put fountain pen to paper

How often do you sit down, dip your pen in some ink and write a letter or put your thoughts down on paper? The art of handwriting might be lost in the West, but surprisingly, students in Japan will often practice cursive writing even though they aren’t taught it in class. And in Japan, there are still plenty of chances for people to write things out from resumes and New Years cards to love letters and condolences, so there is always an opportunity to show off your epic penmanship.

And if you feel your written notes are lacking a certain artistic flair, the stationery store KINGDOM NOTE has just the thing for you: Colors! It’s not just normal boring colors that they are offering either, but original inks in colors inspired by crustaceans.

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Create personalised stamps in a minute with new ink stamp vending machine!

If you want to relive the childhood excitement of seeing your name on an ink stamp, now’s the time to start planning your trip to Japan! From 2016, you’ll be able to create a personalised stamp with more than just your name – think cute borders, shapes, colours and any type of photo you choose. Plus, you won’t have to send away and wait weeks to see your purchase because it will be dispensed in a minute or less from a high-tech vending machine!

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