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Spinoff video game series continues to cater to its fanbase with another helping of T and A.

Some argue that video game publisher Koei Tecmo is crude or immature for its Dead or Alive Xtreme sub-series, which takes the female fighters of its Dead or Alive fighting franchise and inserts them into a beach volleyball simulator. One thing the developer can’t be accused of, though, is not thoroughly catering to the game’s intended target audience.

There’s never been a legitimate hit volleyball video game, so Dead or Alive Xtreme 3’s real selling point is the wide variety of skimpy swimwear its busty cast dresses in, along with the many scenarios in which they can show off their fashions and physiques.

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In addition to volleyball, the game also includes hula hoop and tug of war contests, plus modes in which the high-polygon ladies frolic on the beach or pose in front of/on their hotel beds.

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And just in case you still had any doubt that Dead or Alive Xtreme isn’t a sports series in the traditional sense, Japanese video game magazine Famitsu has revealed one more feature that’s been added to the upcoming third installment: straight-up pole dancing.

It’s unclear whether the pole dancing is a controllable mini game or simply a sexy performance during which the player can set the controller down and be a pure spectator. Nor is it known whether or not the pole dancing in any way affects the characters’ parameters or gameplay.

The inclusion of pole-dancing is another example of how, despite the smutty motivations responsible for the existence of the Dead or Alice Xtreme series, Koei Tecmo continues to put the utmost care and effort into crafting a technically advanced, content-rich product. It’s also yet another reason why an official Western release is unlikely (though perhaps not impossible). In Japan, though, the game is still scheduled for an on-sale date of March 24.

Source: Famitsu via Otakumu
Images: Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 official website