Koei Tecmo

Ultimate VR game capsule tickles players’ senses, lets them enjoy the scent of frolicking girls

Experience the permeating heat of battle, the chilly atmosphere of a horror game, and many more.

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Scratch Titans to death with a coin in giant Tokyo ad for new Attack on Titan video game 【Video】

Interactive ad gives you a chance to save Shinjuku, plus win cool prizes while you’re at it.

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Fans of busty volleyball video game claim victory over Zelda in promo video view-count comparison

Admirers of the virtual female form are claiming victory as they point to the growing discrepancy in the view-count between promotional videos starring the bikini-clad vixens of Dead or Alive Xtreme and the battle-ready Princess Zelda of Hyrule Warriors Legends.

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New Attack on Titan game announces release month, continues to look really amazing 【Video】

The live action movies were a disaster, but the video game, with a newly announced Japanese release date of February 2016, looks like it might redeem them both!

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Boob-bounteous volleyball game Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 may not be dead in the West after all

Like the boobs of its busty characters, the chances of a western release for video game Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 seem to be swaying back and forth.

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Boob-centric Dead or Alive volleyball video game not coming to U.S. or Europe due to “issues”

You want the boobs? YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE BOOBS!

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China’s Dynasty Warriors are here to remind Yokohama commuters how to behave

If you take a seat on the Yokohama subway next month don’t be surprised if a warlord from China’s Three Kingdoms period advises you on proper public transport behavior.

Wei leader Cao Cao showing you how to give up your seat, or legendary warrior Lu Bu advising you not to run onto trains are but two of the nine posters recently previewed online. Let’s take a look at them all!

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Attack on Titan game reveals new characters, story details

The official website of KOEI Tecmo‘s game based on Hajime Isayama‘s Attack on Titan manga revealed new characters and story details about the game on Sunday.

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New Dead or Alive beach volleyball game full of the busty ninjas, steel drums fans love 【Video】

After Sega got the 3-D fighting video game craze rolling with Virtua Fighter in 1993, latecomers had to do something to differentiate their own games in the genre. Namco added accessible controls for its Tekken series, Tamsoft spruced up its Toshinden, and Tecmo added attack reversals to Dead or Alive. Oh, and also large, heaving breasts.

Over the years the supersized busts of Dead or Alive have sort of become the tail that wags the dog, or the bouncing bosoms that lead the torso and shoulders. So after releasing Dead or Alive 5 Last Round, the third upgrade to the fifth game in the main series, publisher Koei Tecmo is taking a break from the fighting and doubling down on the eye candy with a new beach volleyball game, Dead or Alive Xtreme 3, starring its female martial artists, and the first gameplay video has just been released.

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New Attack on Titan game coming to PlayStation 4 from Koei Tecmo 【Video】

The live-action Attack on Titan movie is currently playing in theaters across Japan, but the film adaptation’s decision to go very much its own way means it isn’t exactly scratching the itch felt by fans of the anime and manga. But while the movie and its sequel are going to have to succeed or fail by their own merits or lack thereof, there’s good news for everyone who’s chomping at the bit to see the heroes they know and love in action again, as there’s a new Attack on Titan video game on the way that looks to be much more in keeping with the tone of its source material.

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In the sequel-driven world of video games, it’s important to have a phrase or two that serves as your franchise’s guiding light. You could apply the term “playful challenge” to any of Nintendo’s Mario games, with their mix of depth and accessibility. “Constant tension” is an apt description of playing Dark Souls or its spiritual predecessor Demon’s Souls, and “wide-open amoral freedom” has seen Grand Theft Auto through its most successful installments.

So what’s the theme for Koei Tecmo’s fighting series Dead or Alive? That’s easy: sex and violence.

Those aren’t my words, either. That’s exactly how creator Tomonobu Itagaki defined the Dead or Alive series back when it was getting its very first sequel. And while Itagaki may no longer be involved with the franchise he lovingly refers to as his “daughter,” the current caretakers of Dead or Alive are keeping its bouncy spirit alive, as shown in this comparison video of the PlayStation 3 and 4 versions of its newest chapter, which shows how much more breast detail the more powerful console gets.

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