splatoon 1

If you haven’t gotten enough Splatoon yet, you’ll soon be able to start reading the story of your favorite transforming squid/human characters.

Like its Nintendo ancestors, the Wii U has built a family-friendly image. So it was a little odd when Nintendo announced that they were making a competitive shooter for their latest gaming console, but leave it to Nintendo to create a unique but incredibly entertaining shooter that focused more on painting rather than killing. Splatoon’s success can be attributed to the extremely fun gameplay and the quirky little characters that can shift between human and squid form. Gaming magazine Famitsu also hopes to ride on those tentacles of success with two brand new manga set to debut this year.

Announced on their website, Famitsu will print a four-panel comic about Splatoon called Honobono Ika 4-Koma written by Kino Takahashi. Various other manga authors will draw stories for a Splatoon Play Manga, expected to consist of the artists’ gameplay experiences translated into comic form.

There has been no announced start date yet for either manga, but we hope the comics will be as big of a success as the game has been for Nintendo so that they will continue to release new content for one of the most entertaining games of 2015.

Source: Anime News Network
Images: YouTube/Nintendo