Is a new release of Tokyo Xtreme Racer on its way?

On December 26, Japanese video game developer Genki posted on their official Twitter account a link to a countdown website, accompanied by a picture of a red Nissan GT-R on a Tokyo highway and nothing more. No explanation, no nothing.

Genki is responsible for the arcade-oriented Shutokou Battle racing series, known in America as Tokyo Xtreme Racer and in Europe as Tokyo Highway Challenge, as well as the spin-off series Kaidō Battle for PlayStation 2.

▼ Shutokou Battle X, or Import Tuner Challengewas the last Genki-developed video game, featuring the highways of Tokyo.

The vague “announcement” has left many fans noticeably excited and full of expectation. Some comments under the post on Twitter include:

“Omg, omg. I can’t wait!”
“Please don’t be mobile, please don’t be mobile, please don’t be mobile”
“Wait, hold up… I’ve got tears in my eyes…”
“Is this… a come-back of Shutokou Battle… finally?!”
“Please let this be Shutokou Battle 02!”

For fans of cars and racing games alike, the anticipation is mounting. With nothing but the countdown as a lead, it seems we’ll have to wait a week as we watch the numbers dwindle before we get any real news on what we can expect from Genki, so stay tuned!

Source: Twitter/@Genki_official via Hachima Kisou
Image: sb-x