The beloved Pokémon continue to unstoppably, and adorably, expand their territory.

Last weekend was a pretty exciting time for Pokémon fans. Not only was it the franchise’s 20th birthday, we also got to find out the titles for the next two games in the long-running Nintendo series.

But while those developments were met with equal joy by fans around the world, people in New York got an extra-special treat, as a pack of Pikachus appeared in the Big Apple!

Nintendo dubbed February 28 “Pokémon Day,” and of course had events lined up for visitors to its Nintendo NY store in New York’s Rockefeller Center.

But you didn’t actually have to be inside the store to get in on the fun, as the same Pikachus that spend their summers touring and dancing around Yokohama in Japan hit the streets of America’s biggest city.

▼ Pikachu used CROSSWALK! It’s super safe!

▼ Being so close to Broadway seems to have inspired them to strike a chorus line-style pose.

▼ If the Beatles’ Abbey Road cover photo had been shot in New York (and with Pokémon)

With two decades’ worth of games and anime, Pokémon occupies a big place in a lot of grown-up hearts…

…but at the same time, the franchise has the same level of pure-hearted energy and whimsy it’s always had, which means it can still put a smile of absolute joy on a little kid’s face.

Enjoy your Pikachu outbreak, New York! Just make sure those guys get back to Yokohama by August, OK?

Source: IT Media
Top image: Twitter/@Pokemon