Samurai Moon and Ronin Jupiter are just two of the characters to appear in this impressive series.

The Sailor Scouts from Japan’s hugely popular Sailor Moon anime franchise have stepped out of their distinctive schoolgirl uniforms and into a set of more traditional Japanese outfits, thanks to a new lineup of artwork created by Canadian duo Chili Ferrets. The artists first revealed their Samurai Sailor Moon prints in person at the Tsukino Con event held from February 12 – 14 at the University of Victoria in Vancouver Island, Canada, and since then they’ve set up a shop on Etsy and are receiving increased interest from anime fans from around the world. The inner senshi they’ve created would look right at home in a number of traditional scenes.

▼ Ronin Jupiter is ready to take on enemies in a gorgeous, midriff-bearing green number, complete with planetary symbol embellishments and the kanji 木 (wood), which represents 木星 (mokusei/Jupiter) and her civilian surname, Kino (木野).

▼ Monk Venus powers up inside a circle of Buddhist prayer beads. The kanji here, 金 (gold), stands for 金星 (kinsei), the planet Venus.

▼ Demon Hunter Mars hides beneath a conical hat, wearing the kanji 火 (fire) for kasei (火星), or Mars, on the buckle of her belt.

▼ Ninja Mercury looks beautiful dressed in a traditional shinobi outfit with matching tabi shoes. She’s distinguished by the kanji 水 (water), which represents Mercury, or 水星 (suisei).

▼ Samurai Moon keeps Luna the cat on her shoulder while wearing a warrior helmet featuring a large crescent moon. 月 (tsuki) here recalls both her surname, Tsukino (月野) and the Japanese word for moon.

The beautiful prints are currently available for purchase from the Chili Ferrets Etsy store as a standard set for 1,852 yen (US$16.25) or on larger, textured watercolour paper for 5,556 yen, plus fees for worldwide postage. With the artists planning to add the outer senshi to the collection in the future, we can’t wait to see what the other scouts will look like dressed up as traditional Japanese warriors.

Source/images: Facebook/Chili Ferrets